A Repudiation of Brannon Howse and Chris Pinto

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At one time I was a fan of Brannon Howse’s Worldview ministry.  Years ago I attended one of his Worldview Weekend events where I first met David Noebel and David Barton and became admirers of their ministries.  Since then Howse has become unbearable in his tone when speaking out against, well, anything.  People involved in “discernment ministries” such as Howse’s would do well to learn how to present their positions without sounding like pompous jerks who do nothing but condemn everybody for everything.  For a great lesson in how to do that I would recommend learning from someone like Gary Gilley, pastor of Southern View Chapel in Springfield, IL.

Lately Howse has joined forces with a man named Chris Pinto revealing a complete 180 degree turn from his past association with David Barton and his research of the Founding Fathers of the United States.  Yes I agree that David Barton has been led astray due to his relationship with Glen Beck – he believes Glen Beck is a Christian despite of his Mormon beliefs – but his view of the founding fathers are more in line with what they believed, said, and taught than that of Chris Pinto and his conspiratorial view of them.  Thus, Howse recently questioned Kirk Cameron‘s judgment for going on the Glen Beck show to promote his upcoming movie, “Monumental,” which deals with the beliefs of the Founding Fathers.  If Cameron were going on Beck’s show for a reason other than promoting his movie, perhaps there would be cause for questioning Cameron’s reasoning.  However, that is not the case.  He was promoting a movie, that’s it.

Anyway, Howse is now promoting Chris Pinto and his belief that none, or few of our Founding Fathers were Christians and in fact that United States was founded by the Freemason’s who viewed it as a fulfillment of their occult belief that it would be the new Atlantis (yes, that Atlantis; the one that disapeared thousand so years ago) and usher in the age of whatever (insert diabolical laugh and eerie music here).  To say that I disagree with Pinto and Howse would be an understatement.  In fact, it makes me sick and I no longer view Howse as a legitimate voice to which discerning believers should listen.

Instead of spending the rest of the month researching and attempting to repudiate Howse and Pinto by myself I am turning to an expert with a capital E to do it for me.  John Eidsmoe is a scholar’s scholar who is both a theologian and constitutional, well, expert with a capital E.  I met him about a year ago when I was able to spend a weekend with him at a conference he was leading.  Not too long ago he wrote a blog that deals directly with Chris Pinto and a DVD that he has produced promoting his beliefs concerning the founding fathers.  Eidmoe’s blog is a must read and therefore it will be listed here as the conclusion of my blog.  Please read it – http://morallaw.org/blog/2012/01/hidden-faith-of-the-founding-fathers-who-were-they-hiding-it-from/

God bless.  I pray this will edify you.